Corporate Missions

Corporate Philosophy

1. Bring innovation and create a better future.

2. Take on the challenge of new fields that combine natural science and technology.

3.We will grow together and in our business to contribute to the society.

Corporate Missions

①Maintaining High Level of Customer Satisfaction

・Continue improving customer satisfaction by providing solutions to customer needs.

②Maintaining High Level of Employee Satisfaction

・Continue reviewing motivation for challenges and the good working environment for our employees.

・Happiness of employee and expansion of business should all come into line.

③Social Contribution

・Create more jobs in the community as the business gets developed.

Business initiatives

Engineering Services We Provide

・ We respond to a wide range of customer needs with advanced measurement technology.

■ We engage in engineering services through our advanced technologies required for research and experiments, measurements and accompanying tasks.

・ We perform various testing and measurement services (mainly in the aerospace and automobile fields)

(1) Strength tests: Strain measurement, load pad attachment, etc.

(2) Vibration tests: Acceleration measurement, etc.

・ We perform drawing creation work with the design software including CATIA-VS,

■ Flow of our engineering work

・ To our customers, we ensure consistent contribution for a long time with the first-class technology.

・ Connect customer needs to product development and provide feedback to customers.

Business Initiatives

Product development / commercialization

Through our business in engineering services, we identify the needs of our customers and develop and provide products such as measuring instruments.

■ Continuous projects performed for product development and commercialization
・ Finding needs of our customers
(Connecting feedback received in our engineering service efforts to product development)
・ Product planning and proposals
・Review of required budget and suppliers as well as specifications, schedule, and associated activities.
・ Design, manufacturing and delivery of right products in time
(It leads to improvement of CS with feedback to customers)


■ Products developed and provided by discovering the needs of customers
・ Measuring instruments for aircraft engines
・ Measuring instrument for actuator
・ Aircraft maneuvering simulator
・ Insulation checker
・ Load pad

Alex Japan will continue to evolve its advanced technology and skills to become a company that can build airplanes on its own.