Passion for manufacturing becomes the driving force to fly in the sky


Our company name, ALLEX JAPAN, was named to represent our concept of “ALL Experts of Japan” .
In this company name, we express our enthusiasm and will to become one of the global leading diversified technology companies together with our outstanding experts in different fields

Company Profile

While our company headquarters is located on 40th floor of the Lucent Tower in Nishi-ku, Nagoaya, the operations of Development and Technology Center take place at separate locations in Nagoya.

Corporate Missions

Alex Japan Co., Ltd. has three pillars of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and social contribution as its corporate philosophy.

What we do

We undertake tasks and challenges which require experimental / measurement technologies and materialize related business yielded from the tasks and challenges.

What we do


ALLEX Japan is committed to providing our customers with a wide range of engineering services and technical consulting services for various tests and development projects. Through our advanced technologies and skills, ALLEX has been providing our engineering services to our aerospace customers in researches and experiments as well as design work, testing and maintenance and repair for their various programs. We are always connected to our customers and, with the state of the art technologies and  our well trained technical resources, ALLEX has the capabilities to bring the best solution to the customers’ most difficult challenges and to meet demands of the industry.

Commercializing products

Our business model is represented by providing the long-term steady services to our customers with the first   class technologies as well as providing reliable and technically & economically feasible solutions to strengthen the partnership. ALLEX always responds to customers’ needs and designs and builds products such as equipment, devices and systems to fulfill the customers’ requirements arisen as part of their programs. We persistently tackle the most demanding challenges to materialize the customers’ satisfaction.  From defining customers’ requirements and planning and proposals of product development through cost and supplier management, design, manufacturing and testing, ALLEX offers a full range of the professional services.  The products which ALLEX designed, developed and delivered based on the customers’ needs and our solutions include Measurement Equipment for Aircraft Engine Data and Actuators, Aircraft Flight Simulator, High Load Sustaining Pad and Insulation Resistance Tester.

Our Vision

・ALLEX JAPAN was founded in 2009 by a few engineers who wish to build and introduce a new product to the market. Ever since the inception of the company, we have been challenging manufacturing with new and advanced technologies primarily in aerospace industry. We continue our effort to become one of the companies which leads the technical and business growth of the Japanese aerospace industries. Our vision of the future is to design and build our own aircraft, which ensure the contribution to further successful development of the Japanese aerospace industry.

・We believe training engineers from their younger age to accumulate and improve their technological capabilities is indispensable for achieving our vision, that is “designing and building our own aircraft”. ALLEX has been and will be heavily involved with major aircraft development and manufacturing programs, which help our engineering resources constantly improve their comprehensive technical skills and knowledge. There are many ALLEX’s engineers who obtained high level technical capabilities working overseas in international projects.

・We need to spend long time to train our own engineers because the industry we work for requires us to have accurate and subtle technical skills to the details as well as the highest order of quality. Among many phases in design, development and manufacturing process in the aerospace industry, ALLEX supports upstream process, which proves ALLEX has the high level of technical capabilities. We accelerate the advancement of our technological capability to make a leap to accomplish the self-declared vision, “Design and Build its own aircraft”.